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Instructions for Ordering Online

1. Select product

2. Add product to shopping cart
When adding the product to the cart, you can select the quantity of the product you would like to purchase. Afterwards, you can choose to continue shopping or to proceed directly to checkout.

3. Proceed to checkout

4. Log into account
If you are a return customer, please log into your account; if you are a new customer, please input your desired user name, password, and email address to register for an account.

5. Fill out the address you'd like your purchase delivered to

6. Choose delivery method
The publications are typically sent via express shipping, but the shipping company may vary depending on one's local area.
Courier services and prices may vary depending on your location. Any special requests for the delivery of these publications can be directly addressed to the sales staff.

7. Method of payment and invoice
The methods of payment are: paying by Alipay, bank wiring or cash on delivery (for Beijing customers only).
1) Customers from the Beijing area can choose to pay with cash upon delivery. The delivery fee will vary if you choose this method of payment, so please contact our sales staff if you wish to select this option.
2) We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot accept payments in US dollars by a third party account at the moment. Please contact our sales staff if you wish to pay in US dollars, and make arrangements to wire the payment over. We appreciate your understanding.
When you submit your order you can choose the payee you wish to be on the invoice. The contents of the China Daily invoice will be exactly what you ordered.

8.Order confirmation
After filling out the forms you can click the button labeled "submit order." After confirming the order, a page will pop up with the confirmation number. Submitting an order confirms that you have read and accepted China Daily's "terms of use." You will be sent an order confirmation email. This order confirmation email only confirms that we have received your order form, and the contract is not established until you receive a SMS text message or phone call from us confirming that the order has been verified.

A helpful tip:
The website is available in both English and Chinese. You can change languages and choose currencies on the upper right-hand corner of the site.

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