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Trade-decision supporting system based on China Customs info, oriented to trading-with-China enterprises, and covering HS classification, tariff planning, import control, export refund, average-price trend, etc.



HS Classification Search: World’s biggest platform for classification of goods traded with China.
﹒Coverage of all latest HS Codes of China Customs;
﹒All data are of China Customs historical practices in clearance;
﹒All-round coverage of goods of over 950,000 kinds;
﹒Independently-developed search engine algorithm of intelligent classification;
﹒Easy classification by one-key-press search.
HS Schedule: China Customs’ electronic import & export tariff schedule, embedded with HS Code hierarchy.
﹒China Customs’ latest import & export tariffs of 2012;
﹒Clear and complete tree structure, revealing the hierarchical relationship in HS Codes;
﹒Optimized commodity descriptions for practical use.

﹒全面覆盖中国海关最新的所有HS Code海关编码;
HS税则结构:带有HS Code结构关系的电子化的中国海关最新的进出口税则。
﹒清晰完整的树状层级展现HS Code结构关系;

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