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Trade-decision supporting system based on China Customs info, oriented to trading-with-China enterprises, and covering HS classification, tariff planning, import control, export refund, average-price trend, etc.



Tariffs & Duties: Offering of all tariffs and charges required by China Customs.
﹒China’s latest tariffs and surtaxes of 2012 (e.g. consumption tax and value-added tax);
﹒Intelligent determination of applicable trade agreements and preferential tariffs (e.g. MFN tariff; conventional tariffs between China and ASEAN, Asia Pacific, Pakistan, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, or Peru; and special preferential tariffs for least-developed countries/regions);
﹒Optimization of trade logistics by comparing tariff preferences of various countries/regions.
Landed Cost Calculator: Automatic calculation of complicated and dynamic landed costs for international trade.
﹒Automatic calculation of complicated and dynamic tariffs, consumption tax, value-added tax, and other governmental charges;
﹒Real-time conversion of any main currencies according to customs rules on exchange rates;
﹒Capture of all preferential tariffs;
﹒Automatic generation of trade reports, predicting trade profits.


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