Regulations & Restrictions (Regulations & Restrictions + Inspection & Quarantine)

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Trade-decision supporting system based on China Customs info, oriented to trading-with-China enterprises, and covering HS classification, tariff planning, import control, export refund, average-price trend, etc.



Regulations & Restrictions: HS Code-based inquiry for China Customs import controls.
﹒Offering supervision/restriction measures on imports to help avoid unfavorable import trade;
﹒ Offering import control laws/policies, and their applied scope or explanations;
﹒Offering information on required licenses, certificates, or documents for imports;
﹒Offering additional info on contents, samples, and application procedures for required import licenses, certificates or documents.
Inspection & Quarantine: Based on HS Codes, inquire China inspection and quarantine certificates and requirements on import goods.
﹒Inquire China inspection and quarantine certificates and requirements on import goods;
﹒Combine inspection and quarantine of goods, animals/plants and sanitation.

海关监管:基于HS Code,查询中国海关对商品的进口监管要求。
检验检疫:基于HS Code,查询中国进口商品所需的检验检疫证件和要求。

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