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Trade-decision supporting system based on China Customs info, oriented to trading-with-China enterprises, and covering HS classification, tariff planning, import control, export refund, average-price trend, etc.



Average Import Price: Trend of average import prices at China of all HS Code-based imports.
﹒Offering average prices of any HS Code-based imports;
﹒Evasion of import price risks by referring to historical price data;
﹒Logistic optimization to minimize trade cost by comparing average import prices at various countries/regions;
﹒Market prediction by intelligent graphic analyses so as to help capture trade opportunities.
Import Quantity & Value: Inquire China import quantity and value based on HS Codes.
﹒Inquire China import quantity and value based on HS Codes;
﹒Refer to historical price records to assess market quotations;
﹒Compare among multi-countries import quantity/value to optimize logistics with least trading costs;
﹒Analyze with intelligent charts to predict market quotations and seize trade opportunities.

商品进口均价:基于HS Code的所有商品,在中国的进口均价走势。
﹒基于HS Code编码的商品进口均价;
进口量值查询:基于HS Code编码的中国进口商品量值。
﹒基于HS Code编码的中国进口商品量值查询;

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