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资源优势——中国海关总署批准,由中国报关协会(CCBA)和北京国际技术合作中心(BITCC)共同主办,并获得相关政府部门和行业协会大力支持, ETCN定制报告拥有权威可靠的海关数据来源,实时更新的产品动态信息,以及各行业领域专家的专业分析,能够帮助用户及时了解产品市场发展状况,把握商机。

China Product Special, wholly created by ETCN in English, is designed to provide reference in content and support in decision for industrialists engaged in product manufacture, purchase and other professions by virtue of its coverage of pertinent up-to-date information dynamics, business news, market analyses, upstream and downstream product prices, policies and regulations, import and export data, project information, trade fairs, and so on.

Report Contents:
﹒Information D


Shipment 10
Statistics/Prediction of Shipment at Jiangyin Port 10
Statistics/Prediction of Shipment at Ningbo Port 10
Statistics/Prediction of Shipment at Taicang Port 11
Policy 12
China Customs Corrects Classification of Isocyanic Ester 12
MOC: Imposition of Antidumping Tax Can Be Prolonged 12
EU Continues Imposing Antidumping Tax on China's Leather Shoes 12
Project 13
20,000 t/a 1,4-BDO Project Kicks Off in Inner Mongolia 13
MDI Project in Baiyin 13
Shandong Qilu Chemical Industrial Park 200,000 t/a Ethylene Oxide 13
70,000 t/a Adipic Acid 14
Cloth Dyeing, 22 Million sqm per year 14
10,800 t/a Alcohol Ester, 21,600 t/a Acrylic Adhesives, 12,000 t/a Plasticizers 15
Company 16
Wanhua Industrial Park Project Launched in Yantai 16
Taiyuan Chemical to Include Adipic Acid Lines into Its Business Portfolio 16
Shortage of Natural Gas Supply Emerges 16
CAS Dalian Institute Works on DME Cleaner Production 17
Yantai Wanhua to Acquire BorsodChem Equities 17
Dow Chemical Raises Prices of Polyols and Isocyanic Ester 18
Mitsubishi Chemical to Shut Kashima Ethylene Plants 18
Exhibition 18
PU China 2010 18
China (Hangzhou) International Industry Expo 2010 (CIIE 2010) 19
2010 China (Tianjin) International Painting Expo 19
2010 The 5th Shanghai Footwear Expo 19
2010 The 11th Chongqing International Surface Prep and Painting and Plating Expo 20
2010 Chongqing Chemical Industry Expo 20

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